Thank God that 2020 is almost over. I bet that most of us expect to get up on 1st January 2021 in the hope that 2020 is all forgotten and we can move on and get back to our “normality” (whatever normal is).
2020 was the year which we can name “different”. For all of us, it was “the hell” in one way or another. Many of us lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost hope. Many of us had finally time for their own family they live with (many divorces and babies coming up in 2021, I believe).
We had finally time to reflect on our lives, think about the past, and see a future with eyes wide open. We learnt what is more important in life, and we were to slow down a bit and take a step back.
It was a very challenging year for our business and clients in every possible way. This year, we helped clients with transfers to the airports when they were trying to leave this country while they could and from the airports when they were finally allowed to return to their homes. We were there to take student home from colleges and universities when they got stuck without any possible way to get home. We also helped them to get back. We even managed to take Santa back to his family on the night of 24th December.
We completely change the way of handling every transfer to make it as safe as possible. We had to drop on board refreshment, handshakes and hugs. We had many cancelled journeys due to lockdowns, tiers, quarantines and flights being cancelled. At one point, we even considered giving up, closing down and moving on. But we stayed around only for you because you all kept us going.
We want to thank you for your business, your patience, your loyalty.
We couldn’t have done it without you.
We wish you all that 2021 is the year when everything gets only better.